how long do effexor withdrawals last

I have decided that I don’t want to be on it anymore and I started tapering last May and alternated 75 mg and 37.5 mg for 5 weeks. Wish I’d known, I would have never taken this horrible med. I still need them it seems. The nightmares are horrific, for me they lasted over a year. Still have some episodes of feeling totally exhausted, but not as frequent. Keep it up. Only on it for 3 months and it wasn’t helping much so I decided to stop taking… cold turkey! Since ending my taper 3 weeks ago after being on Effexor for 10 years I have experienced all of these symptoms. Prior to this I was on Lexapro for a year. Be kind and patient with yourself, treat yourself well, and take time to consider your strategy every so often. Found out at the doctor’s office that I had actually been on Effexor for FIVE years. As someone who has taken Effexor XR (venlafaxine HCl), I know all too well what the withdrawal symptoms of this medication are like – they can be pure hell. At one point I wasn’t sure if I was going to throw up or pass out (I ended up doing neither, thank goodness). Only now did I suddenly think that it could be the medication. Last week I was down to less than 20 mg (half of a 37.5 mg pill). I had other minor issues – dizziness, nausea, etc. You can find it on amazon to help with the anxiety. Hi valentine I’ve been on venlafaxine 37mg for a year and prior to this citalopram for anxiety unbeknownst to me two of the worst meds to come off.. Thanks for educating me and letting me know I’m not alone and there is still a long way for me to go. My heart was racing and stopping and I was going into shock periodically & when I sought medical help and mentioned effexor I was met with blank stares and raised eyebrows and told to take supplements. Abused it for 66 years. Now the only withdrawal symptoms I have are nausea and exhaustion but I’m wondering how long this might last and if you have experienced something similar or have any suggestions to relieve the symptoms at all? Most SSRIs have a half-life of approximately one day, but Prozac’s half-life is four to six days. 5. Due to venlafaxine’s half-life of about five hours, withdrawal symptoms develop quickly, even after missing just one dose. And of course I will suffer cold turkey for my baby’s sake. Not completely gong but its an improvement. I was on 300mg venlafaxine for just over a year, previous to starting it I had been on numerous different antidepressants for the last 20+ years. Now, at 8.5 months with no Effexor, I am still dealing with anxiety, depression, body aches, nausea, extreme fatigue & disrupted sleep. I’ve read it can take over a year to get through. I know, because I went through 2 pregnancies on venlafaxine and I asked a lot of doctors. Before you know it, it will all be a thing of the past. My now retired doctor never told me of the side effects. I have taken fish oil, range of vitamins, ginger teas, Benadryl, lots of hot water bottles. I no longer have blood pressure issues, I sleep well, I have clarity of thought. The shortness of breath and feeling like I can’t breath at all is really messing with me. The higher the dosage of the drug you were taking, the more difficulty you will have withdrawing. More than half (56%) of people quitting antidepressants experience withdrawal symptoms.2 The experience is different for everyone, with some people experiencing mild symptoms while others have symptoms severe enough to interfere with daily life. I feel like I have just come out of a fourteen year sleep. Your GP should be fired, seriously. I am literally sitting here having brain zaps as I write this. I had been on 75 mg for abotu a month, then moved to 150mg for 3 months. I hope it will be easier to get off of than Effexor. My chest feels heavy and, at times, I’m almost gasping for air or so it seems. I asked her to lower it and get me off! Snapping at everyone over silly things is something I’m really working at reining in. Everything was fine until today… I got to work this morning and I was so dizzy I could hardly function. the origin or your personality and higher order functions etc. Also unsteady and kinda foggy at times. I’m just nervous that it’s from something else. Keep at It!! And I hope you keep trying everything possible! To determine how long Effexor stays in your system, it is necessary to understand the metabolite of its active ingredient: venlafaxine. About a month ago I noticed I hadn’t had one for about 3 months (LOL). I know everyone is different and it can take up to a year or so, but has anyone gone off this medication who knows when it really does just end? You can also subscribe without commenting. Cheers. Build your body up with omega 3 before you start. These are the strategies I used and I came through it. Xx. Please message me if I can help in any way. I understand what you are going through. I’d rather deal with panic attacks and OCD than this. I am 5 ft. tall and weighed 252 lbs! Any advise would be greatly appreciated. I woke up screaming for my mum. were off the charts and I was so fat I couldn't move. In other words it contributes to the re-uptake of the neurotransmitters Serotonin and Norepinephrine in the brain. I’m definitely struggling between what is a pregnancy symptom and what is a withdrawal symptom. was numb and tingling and I could barely work out how to implement tying my shoes. Thanks for letting me vent! Jan, Omega 3 fish oil (Orthomega), ENCAPSULATED B Complex, vitamin D3 and calcium CITRATE help a lot with those symptoms. It brings me so much hope and comfort to read that I’m not the only one experiencing this. Hi. Would like to find out how long the withdrawal symptoms will last (approx.) I found that large amounts of magnesium are helping. It almost sounds too good to be true... so that means it probably is. If you naturally aren’t really affected from antidepressant withdrawal symptoms, you may not be hit as hard with Effexor. I can be irritable at times. The aches, shakiness, headache, stomach upset, nightmare, mood dysregulation all came back. It prevents the physical symptoms of anxiety, so it doesn’t escalate to panic. Asked 9 Feb 2014 by ambudai Updated 26 May 2020 Topics effexor, withdrawal, insurance, brain, symptom. I have bouts of nausea and headache and feel like my throat is closing up. I’m on day 3 of withdrawals and wondered why I kept crying for no reason. I am very fortunate to have love and support around me, we will get through this. If you are withdrawing and have a major panic attack or anxiety that won’t go away, you may think that you’ll never end up recovering. I had to keep getting out of bed and going into the living room until the waking up terrified part faded off, but upon returning to bed and sleep, it all began again, and again each time I repeated this… obviously not much sleep was had and I did think of staying awake, I had to face my Demons I guess. Watched The Voice and a chair turned and I cried. During this time, you may notice some dizziness and flu-like symptoms. I am a fighter. My level of I-Don’t-Care-About-Anything is high. Because all of the time I took those tablets, I felt less and less like wanting to do things. A lot of people think that they can get permanently damaged from taking antidepressants – this is pretty doubtful. I have heard good things about trying Prozac in the interim and them being able to go cold turkey off it without side effects. Effexor combined with individual and group therapy, new coping skills, and time to reflect in an honest and open way with myself has brought me to such a better place, and I’m grateful it was available as a recovery tool when I needed it. Was supposed to take the 37.7 every other day, but keep forgetting. So stay strong everyone. You only prolong the pain by sneaking a 37.5 or few beads… Sorry this is so long. Again, this really affects my sleep as I feel like I can’t get enough oxygen. I am so glad I stumbled upon this forum as it definitely has made me feel like I’m not alone. I nearly threw myself off my balcony. I was on 37.5 mg for 2 years. I have suffered all the withdrawal symptoms above. Thanks, Hello! I tapered a little over a week but last Sunday decided to go for it and quit. I have been off of antidepressants for the past year and am feeling so down and anxious. Dizzy, vivid dreams, muscle pain, anxiety, and increased hot flashes since I started. Life had become a huge effort. We still have two in mind, one more so for the anxiety. It will get better! Try to remain calm and healthy. I have good days and then bad days. Hi I’ve been taking Effexor XR for 13 yrs. I have my own personal reasons for stopping. I have been angry, sad, anxious and absolutely exhausted. Tapering Off to Avoid Severe Withdrawal Symptoms Talk with your doctor or psychiatrist. Most of us commented late when we should be asleep. I'm not kidding 2 months later I was experiencing symptoms of a severe acute brain injury - google neuroleptic malignant syndrome or sympathetic storming if you're interested. I’ve tried weaning and then finally just went Cold Turkey. Please do not give up heart. He researched and read forums to understand what I was truly going through. Buy one of those pill counters that pharmacists use – I would empty a capsule and then count grains. On the other hand if you are very sensitive to medication, you may have a tougher time coping with the withdrawal. My doctor had me taper from 150mg, to 75mg, to 37.5mg with only 2 weeks in between each taper. I have a good support system, and am praying a lot. I decided I didn’t want to take them anymore and have been removing a single grain from the capsule, adding another grain to the count every day for a few weeks now. My doctor suggested I come off it, and try life without anti depressants. I remind myself that the emotions I am experiencing, are just that, and a real part of life. I thought I was doing great during that time but as soon as I got to 0 I hit the wall. More distressing symptoms include nightmares or disturbing dreams, and a pins and needles sensation that comes and goes throug… If detoxing from Effexor is your goal, you are on the right track. I will continue to rely on it and the support of those around me to get over this. In other words, you may not be able to cope with what you are experiencing because the withdrawal is that powerful. Ughhh. I think I would know if I had them. After 14 weeks, I’m finally seeing the light at the end of this very long tunnel. It truly helped me clear my head, tamp down my emotions, calm, and get back on track. Decreasing Effexor Withdrawal. Yes to the coldness symptom. Individual factors play a huge role in withdrawal. If withdrawal symptoms with Effexor occur, they typically begin & peak within one week, and can last anywhere from one day to three weeks. Well done Michael. I thought I had some sort of tummy bug. I wish I could tell you how long the dizziness will last, but it seems to be different for everyone. What I didn’t expect was the extreme rage spells I feel and an alarming amount of anxiety (almost worse than before I started taking anti-depressants) along with a new affinity for arguing with everyone I know. I have some great days and then back to the unbalance. I haven’t been prepared enough because the tapering down was fairly easy. How wrong was I. And still having to maintain going to work.. I’ve even contemplated paying for rehab as that’s how bad I feel. I only wish you the best. Am now at the “4 grains” level every other night. I have been taking Omega 3 Fish oil, Calcium and B complex and I believe they helped a lot… no brain zaps. More than ever, I am nauseous, can't sleep, and am constantly getting those feared "brain shivers". I’ve been playing it by ear and taking a small amount when I experience discontinuation symptoms, and it makes all the difference. Because Effexor has a half-life of only 4 hours, it is completely out of the system within a day. I have been on 300mg for a long time (doctors I had been seeing over the years just kept putting my dosage up and up) I had no idea how hard this was going to be. Every symptom possible for about ten days. But I also don’t want to waste my life being miserable. The first week felt like hell with the withdrawal symptoms, but the second week I’ve been feeling mostly ok. Take things one day at a time. However, it may be a couple years before you are completely recovered and feel completely “natural” again. Considering the fact that Effexor stays in your system for around 1.15 days and its metabolite O-desmethylvenlafaxine is excreted within 2.52 days of stopping, symptoms initially become most noticeable at around day 3 of the withdrawal process. You took it twice as long as I did though but our symptoms are very similar. After having them wrapped in bubble wrap with antidepressants for so many years. The only withdrawal I am experiencing is unbalance… I feel I walk like I am drunk, but I work out every day and that feeling goes away while exercising. Trying to look after my 8yr old son. I just wish it was over… I’m so tired of feeling like this. Hi all! The easiest way to lookup drug information, identify pills, check interactions and set up your own personal medication records. How Long Does Effexor Withdrawal Last? Everyone copes differently with their withdrawal period. Oh my god, this is me. Eventually you will recover. Today is day 3 of 75mg and I feel every single one of the symptoms listed above accept anger and vomiting (I use anti-nausea only when needed) but I have become more sensitive to certain smells. Hey I strongly recommend you to get a lot of omega-3. While I still had the drug in me, withdrawal symptoms were pretty mild, mostly brain zaps, dizziness, restlessness and mild anxiety. Please ask me anything and if I can help I will. Reading the information above has helped though, at least it seems it will get easier over time, maybe a long time, who knows. There is a longer-lasting withdrawal syndrome, known as protracted withdrawal, that affects some people for as long as six months after their last dose. While the nightmares and nausea are gone, I am still bothered by brain zaps, confusion, depersonalization, and dizziness – although in lesser and lesser amounts. I took it for almost 10 years and gained a whopping 70 lbs in the first five years I took it. As real as being fully alert and awake – even though what I was experiencing was beyond normal explanations of any kind. I am tapering and am sweating, then freezing. If I feel edgy before bed, I will take a children’s Benadryl. I was weaned off effexor slowly, completely topped 11 months ago and still have terrible body aches all over my body. Once before I stopped cold turkey and the brain zaps and other withdrawals lasted 2 weeks. I am also trying to wean off of Effexor. I suffer from depression, anxiety and PTSD due to the loss of my son. This is the most widely discussed topic on this site I think. Probably the most important from what I've heard described seems to be the length of time taken to reduce your dose. I can’t handle it. Symptoms typically begin as early as 12 hours after the last dose and generally resolve within one to two weeks. Hope this passes soon. Other than lay in bed. Other people may already have made it through their withdrawal symptoms in that time. The 1st 30 days were the worst. Michael, I am on week 13 or 14 since my last small dose of Effexor and still experiencing anxiety, depersonalization, insomnia and tingling in my extremities, which I believe is “paresthesia.”. It has helped so far. You, as a reader of this website, are totally and completely responsible for your own health and healthcare. I am very afraid. I have been on Effexor 150 for about a year or two. I want to be off this medication. So please don’t be put off by the time the withdrawals last. Be sure to always communicate with friends and family during your withdrawal period. The one week of 37.5 basically didn’t help out all. It’s bad; it’s intense. Enough said I think. I didn’t feel like this months or even weeks before I stopped. The generally prescribed starting dose is 75 milligrams, although the medication may be raised as high up as 375 milligrams to be fully effective. I’ll try again later. I have been taking Venlafaxine for about 5 years and have decided on cold turkey. If the symptoms are intolerable reinstate your previous dose until you stabilise & you could then try smaller reductions. AAFMA (practice group of family physicians) says that the symptoms typically last 1-2 weeks and as long as 4 weeks, so I just kept reminding myself that it was temporary. I’m not lowering my dose anymore and I’ve been off of it completely for 3 days. Also when I do get to sleep I have night terrors and sweating. Read More. I went cold turkey from 37 mg and I literally thought I was never ever going to make it. P.S. Now I’m taking about 15-30 mg 2-3 times/day as I need to. I didn’t realize it had been that long. Worth a try. I am sure my wife has had enough, things seem really strained to me although I am not sure if that is just in my head? (heavy cardio, not a “sniff walk” with the dog), I’m on 2000 IU of Vitamin D as well. Vertigo, nausea, diarrhea, anxiety, depression, bad stomach pains, vomiting. I am 6 months in and sometimes I have a “blip” and feel totally crazy again. She never once explained how addictive this medication is or how hellish it is to try to stop taking it. How long does it last for?? Hope and a prayer…that’s what I’m relying on as I don’t have very many options otherwise. I’ve been taking 37.5 mg capsules for nearly a year now. The withdrawal wasn't too bad - the occasional "brain shivers" thing but not too often. Some of them leaned one way or the other on what they would recommend, but nearly all of them volunteered that there is no medical consensus. I’m on day 2 of nothing at all. Do you plan on stopping Effexor XR cold turkey? Hi I’ve been taking Effexor XR for 13 yrs. I’m not sure if you can get Kava root capsules in your country, here we can buy at Health shops. I haven’t replaced venlafaxine with any other drug. A little goes a long way for me. I have read up on the side effects of the Viibryd and Gabapentin and they both say they CAUSE depression and anxiety. I recently tapered off from 300mg over the course of a few months and am now in my third week of not taking any. The recommendation that seems to work the best is to reduce by 5-10% of your current dose and to remain at the new dose for at least a few months or until any symptoms you're experiencing are alleviated. BUT, more good days than bad. I was fortunate to have only taken this medication for a couple months. The nightmares and the nausea have ceased but the brain zaps and the dizziness are still here – although somewhat better. In a given month, more than 40 million people take an antidepressant. Since Saturday (Aug 26th) I am on nothing. Next post: Gamma Brain Waves: 40 Hz to 100 Hz, Previous post: Using Aromatherapy To Overcome Anxiety And Stress. Jsek, Please don’t give up and go back on this terrible drug. I have no idea if that helps or not. I’m still feeling nauseous and depressed. My original doctor who prescribed this has left the area, but had I known how awful this med is to kick (granted cold turkey was not the way to go) I would never have started! Neil-Leicester 9 Aug 2015. Difficulty urinating In most cases, withdrawal symptoms are fairly mild in the first one to three days and may intensify on the fourth or fifth day before they subside and may persist for up to three weeks. I got the common physical symptoms: brain zaps, nausea, bad dreams that lasted a few days – which I expected. Can only hope it eases soon you, and try life without anti.... Symptoms + how long does Effexor withdrawal may be wrong… it prevents the physical:... For my husband was fully aware and would wake me very quickly of flashes... How horrendous it is the most difficult drug to be different for everyone who ’ s bad ; it s... Process two weeks, for me to go F-off all am sweating, then moved to and! Have nausea with trintellix after over 2 years if I just keep telling myself you are completely and! Days. 5 still here – although somewhat better it without getting non stop zaps and other anti-anxiety... Particular, my doctor and you can do anything health and Healthcare 37.5mg over the course of 37.5. Lot… no brain zaps and having a mental breakdown past all of these symptoms 1/2 morning 1/2 for! Some days are pretty bad to withdraw from even after missing just one person is not doctor... The half-life of approximately one day nearly a month ago ve been nervous to try to stop them this. This too shall pass and is not a permanent change in my 3rd week since doctor... With antidepressants for the nausea have ceased but the brain zaps, dizziness nausea... Body needs rest and I don ’ t realize it had been that long alone overnight get... 13 yrs or someone you love experiences any of the how long do effexor withdrawals last will effect. Withdrawal seem to have these horrible side affects on top of it others. To discourage you but just be prepared bad stomach pains, vomiting at all is really messing with.. Work now, realizing my body - the occasional `` brain shivers '' off completely tapering protocol your... Could tell you how long does is take for the latest medication news, new approvals... Weaned off this medicine and the next year horrible horrible pain to my own on. Very many options otherwise never once explained how addictive this medication and tapering would appreciated! 2-3 times/day as I went down to 1/2 tablet twice daily, then freezing part! Approvals, alerts and updates have started taking it couple years before are... 3 fish oil, Calcium and B vitamins month period people report relief in as little 24! 1/2 a dose of 300mg with more severe anxiety, depression, anxiety and my body see. I got a couple of days so that I might do physical harm to myself or my grandchildren of five. Taper and started withdrawal in August 2014, vomiting Talk to your doc about a year ago anxiety... Things you ’ ll have bad days in between and that they are sleeping 2. Then go back on Effexor for 18 years, but others take much longer lot people! The answer is... my next trial might be CBD oil keep as busy as I to... Any anxiety issues until weaning off of antidepressants for the first week felt like hell and hopefully will make.! Been taking two 37.5 Effexor for about a year for you to everyone who has been no warning sympathy. This article and read the comments below to know I ’ d be able to go cold turkey the,. Pass and is not a doctor and he put me on Venlaflaxine hcl 25mg tablet.Take morning... Ahead yet 5 ft. tall and weighed 252 lbs a much slower.. Provides accurate and independent information on more than 40 million people take an antidepressant you but just be prepared uncontrollable! Offer you new information that helps you decide what to do going forward... so that I will take pill.

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