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The starting stack size is a mere 300 chips with a starting big blind of 30! Here’s a quick example: In a hyper, once an allowance has been made for the rake, this ratio decreases to 2.7: Things change further still when playing another popular form of sit-and-go: Making the final two with 2,999 chips or one chip makes no difference as the payout is the same. PokerPlayer is the world's best poker content brand providing informal, knowledgeable and authoritative advice perfectly suited for recreational poker players. For the heads-up, I read online that it should be at least 60 %, and preferably 65 % or close to 70 %. Rake, too, is a consideration, for it typically amounts to around 4% of the buy-in rather than the usual 10%. DEFINING RANGES FOR TURBO SNGs. What could be better than learning from high stakes MTT players on their final table of WCOOP 6-Max Hyper Turbo event? I usually only play heads-up SnGs or 6-max SnGs, with speed being regular or turbo, never hyper. $199.00. However, a 25BB starting stack does have some manoeuvrability and early accumulation of chips will enable you to wail on your opponents when the endgame draws near, as opposed to trying to nurse a short stack into a second-place finish. Well, this turned into a very long article - just one last thing, a plug for my SNG course, 'Planet Mark's SNG Blueprint'. Playing in the softest games can make a huge difference to your profits – see my recommendations for both US and Worldwide players in my Best Site For Super-Turbo SNGs article. Starting with between 300 and 500 chips, and 3 or 2 minute blind levels – these games are not for the faint-hearted! Then outline how your stack size affects your choices, including the difference between 500 chip ‘Hyper Turbos’ and 300 Chip ‘Super Turbos’. Certain advanced moves such as isolating, floating and barrelling are pretty much redundant. You need to stay aggressive and positive in hyper-turbo poker, but you also need to switch your game from time to time to prevent regulars from taking advantage of you! The key is adjusting these ranges to your opponents calling ranges, as well as adapting once stack sizes begin to change. DEFINING RANGES FOR TURBO SNGs. Hyper turbo heads up sit and go's are my specialty but I dabble in 6max too. 2 replies. bomber&granater beat 71 players to take home $22,819.16 for his efforts, or 23.9 % of the $95,490.84 prize pool. It is free (I made it to publicise this site) and keeps on getting amazing feedback. This article outlines a stage-by-stage Super-Turbo Sit N Go strategy. With position, absolutely everything is worth at least a limp. Just to note that different sites use these labels interchangably, so I will specify when I am talking about the 500 chip games. top. In a hyper, once an allowance has been made for the rake, this ratio decreases to 2.7: 1. #2 – Position: Important in all poker games, and vital in Super / Hyper turbo games. Many of the danger hands in full-ring 1-table tournaments such as suited broadway (picture) cards and ace-8+ become raising hands in 6-max. Versus the same shoving range of 33%, A-Qs is a mandatory fold. Tight players heads-up will lose a lot of money over time – so make sure you do not fall into this habit. Any edge, however slim, is immensely valuable in sit-and-gos, especially when volume is not an issue. Working out your gains and losses in chips is the first step, you also need to focus on the equity gain / loss as you approach the bubble. There are now 60+45+300 = 405 chips in the pot and it costs you your remaining 240 to call. #1 – The Gap Concept:Sure, you need to be positive and aggressive in these super-fast games, however there is still a huge gap between the hands you can raise with and those you can call a raise with. For example, if you believe a tight opponent only calls 15% of the time then you steal the blinds 85% and win a showdown against that tight range approx. 6 max hyperturbo strategy Poker Advice; 0; Sign in to follow this . For regular opponents you must take notes. Summary. In hyper-turbo tournaments I do several things differently. This is as big a leak in the games of many players as going crazy with any 2-cards, and repeated often enough will suck up all your profits! Late position is the opposite, with only one or two opponents you can get aggressive with just about anything and still have a positive expectation. This spot is too good to pass up. His calling range will be along the lines of 6-6+, A-9s+, A-10+. So far, the only useful information I found is this, and I'm not sure it totally applies to 6-Max SnGs. By the heads-up stage, stacks are usually so shallow that large edges are unlikely. It is streamed live by Hyper RPG on Twitch, and also available in audio format as a podcast. I'm not usually play Hyper Turbo (except 6-man SnG) but after this i … Check out those soft super-turbos for yourself now at www.888poker.com. Anyone willing to share 6-max hyper turbo HUD ? 100% Bonus Up To $400 + $88 Free Bonus! It’s a massive error to open-fold your button with anything but the absolute trashiest of holdings, as forfeiting your small blind is akin to setting fire to a relatively large chunk of your stack. 6MAX 1 table hyper turbo SNG guys, omg. The events of the RPG take place within the HyperForce Dimension, later crossing over with Shattered Grid. When your stack is in the 5 Big Blind region you will be amazed at the huge proportion of hands you can profitably shove with. Is this true? When the lower rake is factored in, it is easy to understand the appeal of the hyper for good players. By adjusting your strategy to the players in the hand, you can beat these games over the long term. What the bigger starting stacks do give you is information. There are edges to be found and a lot of money to be made for those who can circumvent tilt and endure the short-term swings. However, ICM is no longer a concern. Sign up here for our free weekly email newsletter. The PokerPlayer brand encompasses the PokerPlayer & American PokerPlayer magazine apps, PokerPlayer365.com, social media through Twitter and Facebook , plus the PokerPlayer Live Tour and the PokerPlayer Grand Prix ... We love everything poker! Click here for contact details. Advertising with PokerPlayer is the best way to get your brand in front of a huge audience of worldwide poker players. Hyper Turbo SNGs. A great way of illustrating this is that it is no good pushing a wide range into a fish who will call you down ‘extra-light’ (sometimes with junk). Poker Player Hits panvlad's place was 151 in previous poker tournament and panvlad won $0.00. With no ‘Early Position’, faster rotation of the blinds and opponents who will be playing looser your starting hands requirements can be significantly relaxed when first to enter a pot in 6-handed SNG play. With both players already having locked up 35% of the prize-pool, heads-up is a straight freezeout for the remaining 30%. Many would open-fold here. First because this article was already long enough - and second, because there are so many variables which affect your choice of both hands and ranges. Try some free slot games now or discover online slots to play for real money. 6-max HT Hyper icmizer knockout pko progressive Ranges review shallow Shorthanded turbo. At 10 / 20 and 15 / 30 blinds you will have a little more flexibility with your stack than in the Super-turbos at other sites. Great insights about mechanics as usual! Instead you need to assume a wide calling range, then work backwards from there to see which hands you can profitably shove with! Being aware of how the payout structure informs ICM, and how ICM informs your decision-making, is absolutely vital in hypers. The twin concepts of lowering your starting hand requirements and playing those hands positively and aggressively come into play during the early stages of 6-max SNG tournaments. Poker Player is the world's best poker magazine and website. If we run PokerStove you will see that we can give your opponent would need to have a range of only the top 10% of hands to make this a fold – no short stack is that tight, making this an easy profitable call. As most bubble mistakes concern changes in the proportion of prize pool equity each player has. The following hand, played recently by one of my students, underlines this point: The hero has 1,480 chips and looks down at A♦-Q♦ in the big blind with blinds of 50/100 ante 20. 6-max HT Hyper icmizer knockout pko progressive Ranges review shallow Shorthanded turbo. 6-max has become a favored form of no-limit hold'em cash games, especially online. The hero may only call with J-J+, A-Ks+ and even then, this range looks to be on the loose side. Smaller raises are ideal, with a mini-raise conserving chips (though see my important caveats on these raises once you hit 10 Big Blinds or fewer). Hands as low as 9To are playable. You need to decide on your opponents calling range and use this as an estimate for how often you will be called. As the popularity of hypers has increased, the standard of play is less impressive than in more standard SNG formats. Furthermore, hypers offer a quick fix of action and a shot at making some fast money. Logic dictates that weaker opponents will make more errors than regs. Heads-up you are likely to have 7 to 8 big blinds or less the majority of the time. Get American PokerPlayer for Android or iOS here. Calculated risks should be taken in order to chip up quickly. It is never enough to just ‘beat your opponents range’, you need some extra. If the hijack is shoving a range of 20% (3-3+, A-2s+, A-4o+, K-10s+, K-Qo) and the stacks behind will only overcall with around 5.5% (9-9+, A-Qo+), then the hero must be prepared to stack off. Spin & Go’s are available in a range of different buy-ins. (Terms Apply). My personal favorite calculator is SNG Wizard, this has a 30 day free trial and allows you to adjust stacks / ranges to get insights into the perfect play (math-wise) against different opponent types. 18+ | T&C Apply – To receive the welcome bonus a minimum deposit of £/€/$ Pokerstars 6max Hyper Turbo 10 is required. Your calling hands still need to be tighter than those hands you push all-in with here. This series is designed for anyone who currently plays the $1.50 6-max hyper SNGs, as well as players who are new to the 6-max hyper SNG format and have limited theoretical knowledge of tournament Continue Reading The series has a good format and the information is well chosen and well explained." If you don’t have the time to memorize all these ranges, we have also developed an automated version of this 6-max Preflop Chart. Think of it this way: a player with a 2% edge at the table in a hyper will yield significantly more profit in a week than one with a 5% edge in a turbo, assuming an easily-attainable target of 1,000 hypers versus 350 turbos. Right, on to the start of a game with 10 times the big blind (so, for the hypers BB = 50). With 25 big blinds you can raise with the intention of folding to a re-raise, or even get a little post-flop action going with a continuation bet or two! Collin reviews this hyper-turbo progressive knockout tournament, looking into hands our hero played and focusing on the 6-max hyper-turbo ranges. Finally, there are some quick 'rules of thumb' for starting hand selection and push-call ranges. Magna defender: we all god rainbow ultimate cards! And … The button, with 475, folds, and the small blind open-shoves his stack of 1,045. Conversely, when you are folded to in the cut-off (place before the button), the button itself or the small blind, you can push all-in with a huge range of hands profitably – especially when your opponent(s) are aware that they can not call you without a strong hand themselves. Proportionally big stacks can literally own a table of 3 or 4 opponents waiting for a smaller stack to bust out. If he calls and loses, he joins the short-stack in the fight to make the money. POSTED Dec 29, 2016 Sam focuses on push/fold ranges in this review of a 6-Max Hyper Turbo MTT. If you get the calling range right, you can adjust to exploit it - if you get it wrong then the mistake was yours. With few rules and strategies to consider, slot games are perfect for new casino players. The New Player Welcome Bonuses are only available to players who create an account and make their first deposit at Vegas Pokerstars 6max Hyper Turbo Rake Hero. Raising takes control of the hand and allows you to pick up small pots when both you a… Pokerstars 6max Hyper Turbo, casino kajot brno, nx8 poker, atlantis paradise island casino host permanent Min deposit: £10 June 11, 2019 Your opponents are desperate to call you, and will do so with some shocking hands – mucking those small pairs / ace-rag saves you the pain of being dominated (less than 30% to win) when you are called. As I have mentioned, you really do need an understanding of ICM to get the most from push-fold poker. For example, you have 1000 chips at BB = 100 and someone with 220 chips pushes all-in, it folds to you in the big blind and you look down at J-6 off! Highest Hyperdrive Range - 1461.2 ly. However, in a hyper, ranges must widen and aggressive play in the early stages is rewarded. #1 – The Gap Concept: Sure, you need to be positive and aggressive in these super-fast games, however there is still a huge gap between the hands you can raise with and those you can call a raise with. Instead of calling all-ins, you should push all-in often yourself. We use cookies to offer you the best playing experience possible. Beating the 6-Max Hyper Turbo MTTs. La tredicesima giornata dell’ICOOP è stata caratterizzata da tre eventi, con il 6-max hyper-turbo rebuy che è stato vinto dal milanese Davide ‘MANTO989’ Mantovani. Total P5er Cashes P5s Country Distribution I would genuinely appreciate you taking the time to Even then, a limp would be preferable to an open-fold due to the postflop benefits of having position. This series is designed for anyone who currently plays the $1.50 6-max hyper SNGs, as well as players who are new to the 6-max hyper SNG format and have limited theoretical knowledge of tournament Continue Reading There are some key differences between these games and regular SNGs. After all, in a satellite, the prize for finishing second is equal to finishing first. The reasoning is simple, when you raise you are playing against unknown hands, when you call a raise your opponent has already narrowed their possible hands by the action of putting in chips – so your hand needs to be even better than one you might raise with yourself to account for this. This gives the player very little wiggle room and quickly forces gamblers to make decisions for all of their chips.

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