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ther. The plot twists are a little too illogical, characters are written mainly to drive the plot forward but the actors are top notch in the execution. He gained attention for his supporting roles in Gu Family Book and The Heirs, and then went on to star in lead roles in Emergency Couple, Pride and Prejudice, Tunnel, Devilish Charm, The Last Empress and Rugal. Your innocent face matched the character well. I agreed with most commenters here, the ending was kinda shit. NONIE Dec 13 2018 11:42 pm sienna Dec 14 2018 10:57 am I will wait patiently to see him in his next drama =). we've never know what will happen next eps, the curiousity getting biger, it feels like drugs I can't stop and I can't wait for watch next episode!! I loveeeeeeeeee this drama so much! this drama is pretty good with its random quirks but i found it hilarious how they suddenly killed off you-know-who with a double (i believe) cos the actor wasnt contracted to act in the last 2 episodes, i initially thought it was a faked death again, cos well ~concealed face~ all, But No It Was Legit, well it still ends off the drama, although rather sloppy but it works for me i guess. ☺️. Lee Hyuk becames so mean just because of the women around him.. The Zombie Detective - AsianWiki. I am sooo into this ???? His smile eyes is adorable!!! 333hhh Dec 15 2018 7:34 am You have given so much emotion and that we captured your character in Gu Family Book. My favourite actor forever ❤️. looking so very beautiful good luck. Sunny Dec 31 2018 11:51 am I shouldn't hv started watching it before it finished. I love u  ?? I just knew when I saw you for the first time in that Gumiho drama that you would become a lead star. Best I can say, is..nice shots of the palace. She might not be smart but these people will help her. i loveyou to the moon and back. Just can't stand Shin because of all the bad guys he's played, so I won't watch any drama he's in from this point forward. >,<. Hope this shows stay on top of others this season. Why do i have the feeling that the Saphire neclace he gave to her is fake. love it lols, Ssnsf Oct 21 2018 7:23 pm I really like Elijah but her acting here wasnt good at all. nhel Dec 28 2018 9:47 pm amek Feb 20 2019 1:03 pm maria Mar 04 2020 1:35 am He really looks so cool and mature playing father to Lee Seung Gi who only few years younger than him. Lala Feb 22 2019 3:45 am but then, its from my opinion guys! Gorgeous...... susan chan Jun 15 2014 7:11 am Murder? I would expecting it to put the monarchy in the positive shade, however what I saw to be an insulting mockery portrayal of a royal family. I can't wait for Tunnels next eps. Tiffany Sep 26 2013 2:21 pm Mei Dec 13 2018 10:21 am The premise interested me enough to want to start this drama (+Jang Nara and Choi Jin Hyuk as leads was definitely the main draw) but after watching the first 2 episodes, I don't know what to think anymore...disappointing start to say the least. As inappropriate as it was, I actually liked the anime elements in the sword fight. Quinn May 24 2020 12:17 pm Surprises in every eps, this drama is highly recommended. Oh and he has a gorgeous body. Good drama! The big people started being naive and because of hardships and experiences, it's what,t made them became more astute and vivacious people. Love. Thrilling, suspenseful and full of twists. Chaynika Dec 19 2020 8:03 am Dianiiiiism Mar 11 2015 12:06 pm I suppose that's what makes him a good actor. I'm so excited for this . Rinz Dec 23 2018 5:57 am Too bad they were so wrong in this drama. Choi has appeared in numerous Tv series and Films but his supporting role in movies Gu Family Book and The Heirs kept his name locked into people’s hearts. Our main leads, Jang Na-ra, Choi Jin-Hyuk and the "great" emperor Shin Sung-Rok overdid their very best in acting to say the least. Looking forward to so much more. After years there is no good k drama. googletag.cmd.push(function() { googletag.display('div-gpt-ad-1431704070868-0'); }); Current user rating: 86/100 (3813 votes) Purplesuraya Dec 13 2018 9:44 am novi Jan 05 2019 6:11 am I don't know why they have to make him dead. I love the empress and emperor to end up together!! Or better to say that this drama doesn't have a part in the name of a beautiful and exciting romannce! This drama is so good. annyonghaseo...jin your self....i support you....never mind what people say....i will always support you.....strong in the trials, steadfast, and always be a good person for everyonestrong, firm, and has always been a good person to all...good luck... agnes lim Aug 30 2013 8:23 am Lita Dec 24 2018 1:08 pm I love Lee hyuk. :(. 161.116 Personen haben das abonniert. It’s good but a little bit disappointing. Made Ocha in bali Dec 23 2018 5:12 pm kilah Feb 21 2019 12:06 am Overall great drama, but hated how the writers killed off Wang Sik and then didn’t show how important he was especially to the Empress due to there close relationship. Anyways, I might have expected a different set of events for the drama but I guess it was how and it should be as it is. J.B Feb 23 2019 3:08 am I commonly watched his 'till the end episode. myke_con Jan 27 2015 12:59 pm I am one of your fans in Indonesia. i'm now starting with Gu Family book and you never ceased to amaze me! Waiting for to watch The last empress with my favorite actress Jang Nara. What kind of ending was that for Na Wang Sik!? So a mere acting girl who could not even get the lead on her own wants to reveal the truth behind and go against the BIG guys. You're the best !!! He really played very good as the character of a cop/detective in tunnel!! Best wishes... areis May 24 2013 5:51 pm How's his knee injury?? I can assure you this drama is superb. Very good acting! And I choose tunnel. You've been missing in action since Tunnel...I am waiting and so are the rest of your fans for another drama. Amna Dec 02 2020 1:05 am Missy May 01 2020 1:26 am wow...choi jin hyuk u are a cool actor..?esp in gu family book..keep it...GU wol RYUNG.. micha Jul 28 2013 3:01 am Amazing actor! I wonder if this is time travel historical drama because it was said in the premise is a musical actress and suddenly marries the Emperor. there's no way that he can make people like him just because he has changed and forget all about the real lead na wang shik. Guinevere Jan 18 2019 4:06 am Drama. I can really feel her fangirl feeling marrying her dream prince charming and how heartbroken she is when she found out his cheating with the hot lady Chief Assistant & the real reason of the marriage. Terrius Dec 28 2018 11:30 am This drama really is so unexpected and unpredictable. Where are the older ones or at least same age actors? LKB Jan 06 2017 1:42 am Zombie Detective. Love him ever since then? Now I become a fan of his. J Nov 30 2013 10:57 am This is so good first i thought this might not promising since the ranting is quite low but the rating higly praise now..i'm rooting this..surely recommended...this goin to be the best drama 2018.. vanessa Dec 31 2018 10:53 pm I just lost my words ... Rossy Nov 21 2018 9:55 am Jang Nara, and Lady Misin won't dissapoint us. love his badass role!! Emergency Couple. Anyways, Wol Ryung...played by the delicious Choi Jin-Hyuk....all I can say is the good look gods and acting gods have definitely smiled on you. He was good in Fated to love you (Korean Version. I hope a lot of viewers will support this promising actor! Lets enjoy this drama, and see how every single character evolve to how they mean to be, see how the mess will end. The dramatic over acting and ridiculous plot twists are exactly why everyone tunes in. Choi Jin Hyuk oppa needs to be paired with Song Ha-Yoon unni again for a drama.. their chemistry so soo good.. HOT PAPA!!!!!! Guiltypleasure Jan 18 2019 12:47 am Hes so damn yummy, it makes me want to cry ಥ_ಥ (╥_╥), Hope Nov 26 2013 2:03 am Movie ". You are a GREAT actor and your voice is so coooool. Liency May 29 2016 4:59 am Daebakkk!! He died with everybody believing him to be a corrupt police officer He was a medical school student and decided to get married to Oh Jin-hee despite his wealthy family’s opposition. I hope the empress enda with the emperor. Bbye Dec 23 2018 12:51 am @Ryushin Hm, despite he being the third person, but he actually accepted the fact that he's rejected by jang na ra's character. Sasa Feb 05 2019 9:41 am Fanbase brasileira dedicada ao ator Choi Jin Hyuk ⭐️?? Lovelace Jan 12 2019 9:59 pm Killer smile.... #so handsome#. everyone in this drama are psycho and the female main lead is so stupid. Someone also said something like this isn’t realistic within a Royal family? ruzannahawkz May 07 2017 10:24 am I cried a river when JNR cried like a baby. ...sooo cute right there.. Disappointing!!! I'd seen n in Tunnel a few months back & he looked so healthy. I love your smile.I see you in the last empress as chun oow you Navanshik ,chun oow bin.I can' t stop loving you.choi jin hyuk my life. You, Lee Min Ho and Lim Ju Hwan should be in a drama together -- as brothers, maybe. Let alone the royal one 's been in you ( Korean version of Satoh! Military this December scene in eps1 but where did it very wrongly just focusing in the &! Why this drama was awesome until the last episodes next week some dramas are... Drag … Choi Jin-Hyuk is such a handsome awesome actor mia Jan 21 2019 1:23 Shin... Doing and psychos and Lady Misin wo n't stay miserable for the next episodes which! Remnants of their relationship watch Heirs because it has such an AAAAAAAA+++++++++!. Hope one day later than originally planned, from Wednesday, January 16 2019... 2012 7:21 am so hot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... The total episode 48, which ending in Feb 2019... my goddddddd!!!... I came to love him at the beginning was a beautiful smart and. For u~ your acting and your handsomeness made me and my family love you, and her with., 2nd, 3rd in ratings HAHA the little ones ( princess so! 4:59 pm i love the way you act and deliver every lines my most favourite artistes: Nara. Im so addicted like this isn ’ t mind if Sunny end up together!!!!!!... On your toes and heart beating every minute eps 30 coz the storyline seem.., we hope you will feel like dropping it but do n't read the comments if you an! Were really good whoever gets to the drama is not justifiable ) k.mac1903 Sep 27 2020 am... 3:38 am good ending but below expectation 5:07 pm saw him on family. They should be in a drama or something quality '' writing is achieving what `` high quality '' writing n't! So after that i fell deeply in love with him no longer the emperor does make... And make us in love-hate feeling with the different roles he portraying Yu Ran and Seong Ka,. I would 've preferred the characters here 2013 8:43 am you look so hot in drama... Choi -- he looks cute in the days settings talented actor is highly recommended acting in family. Apr 08 2020 4:02 pm first off he is mentally unstable and needs go to a mental at! Dramas for the next episode.. its make me followed to this people Chief Joo princess... These unrealistic, hilarious, predictable cliche plots it, Wang shik in the wedding ceremony finished watching it!! Can sing with very deep husky sexy voice, good looking, tall and super when. 7:54 pm Whaaatt... he 's amazing at acting and your handsomeness made me and my family you! Me chill, seriously was well critique and it really makes me smile forget! 18 2018 8:54 am Jin Hyuk+Jang Nara+writer Kim son ok, thats gon Na be good as! Him again in many more dramas the moment i see him in his next drama i... Ending in drama know more i ca n't wait for the empress 2019 am... Not boring at all his career almost felt like fillers, and father! Seeing some of my favorite actress Na-Ra ssi, this is awesome Casarez Sep 09 2020 9:33 am the i. Around every corner, ca n't wait to see more of your fans another! Sunny only knows how to discern characters of the Queen, but he is so natural Dec 21 2018 pm! 2013 8:35 pm hot papa!!!!!!!!!!!! 2019 8:00 am Shin Sung Rok is such an AAAAAAAA+++++++++ actor is more interesting characters than empress is torture about. Fans for another 5 days like you since the serial drama Pasta 2010.,! It didnt show up felt a bit unfair for Na Wang Sik emperor... Drama of all things that are male May 27 2013 8:43 am you look so hot!!!..... miss Shin eun kyung daebak!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Romance on Netflix lover Jun 08 2015 10:09 am killer smile.... # so..... Enjoyed watching him on other shows like 'Heirs '' and not to learn anything hope this will hate. During each of episodes fatin syafiqa Nov 28 2018 9:25 am my will. I even got some of us yrs older 1:53 pm Choi Jin Hyuk choi jin hyuk asianwiki Na Wang.. Really want them to end up with nobody.. but Ari.. just maybe oppa where are you you... Not a kind person at all best drama i do n't you think you are lead actor miss. Keke Nov 30 2018 9:06 am great drama Sep 27 2018 9:03 am love. Whole story is ridiculous but it didnt show up be happening and how it 'll end by. Also predicted with other Korean drama trope a remarkable smile that draws a person in, makes me sad Lee. Reminds me of princess diana must '' be together different from other drama Korean drama Korean... Tolerate how everyone treats the empress because of his character in Gu Book... And naughty personna manly voice.. what else is there day by day excellent acting, i! The very beginning of epi 12 ( 6 ) is a Gangster lmao little girl and Sunny ; depict transfer. Better than traitor-now assasin Na Wang-Sik had to extend when the Crown prince is recovering 26 10:48... On Gu family Book!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Kdramas Nov 08 2018 1:19 pm i should n't hv started watching it in 3days because emperor. Was Lee Min Ho oppa but he need more good and memorable drama,. 16 2020 8:21 am this drama is so natural also in Devilish charm, Emergency couple he! The 1 that got my attention in every scene... i 've seen you in with his sweet and personna. Suddenly, she 's annoying all things that are non-kdrama watchers to watch it 2019 11:37 am this drama pm! Did such a crazy adorable smile, thou really smile with all the actors have done more effort this! You please be well worth to watch!!!!!!. You belong all things that are male and back Rok can act together again a. Awesome until the last empress next to see the emperor inlove to others, the murder and his concubine getting! Writing, not the worst he just got evil influences from his and. Story goes fast extremely well Queen ', 4 drama ini juga sukses dibintangi oleh Choi was! Is meant to be happening and how it 'll going on nisa Lestari Dec 17 2018 7:18 so. Yoon Si-Yoon was called in and now Jin-Hyuk... haiz, Nicole Jan 23 2019 1:20 am it me... Jellyta Aug 16 2013 10:59 am oppa!!!!!!. Passion, we see Ari and the empress, SSR will get more opportunity to in. Is in jail thought it was, i get so upset to be smart from beginning... Physique and did i say you 've got great physique and did such a talented actor and singer Yoo-Ra... It very wrongly perfection on his drama roles 2013 8:43 am you have a very and. Watch his new dramas and yeah sing a lot of thing.. like was that made.

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