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Clearly, owing to Amazon’s monstrous market size, the going is tough for competitors. (, Moreover, as of 2020, Amazon controlled 69.7% of the U.S. smart speaker market. (, More importantly, before making a purchase, 82% of consumers check prices from Amazon. The rest were Alibaba (59%), Microsoft Azure (47%), and Google Cloud (43%). It's always great to have options, but the sheer number of products can also make narrowing down your choices pretty tough. For example, Prime, Prime Day, and FBA are notable pieces of ingenuity that have stamped Amazon’s authority as a global eCommerce giant. Even better, the amount of traffic recorded by Amazon gives you access to a significant pool of established customers. However, less than 10% of active sellers were able to generate over $100,000 in annual sales. Estimated revenue is calculated from a range of Amazon data relating to price and is then multiplied by the estimated sales … The popularity of Amazon is indisputable. (, Also, Amazon has a large market share across different categories. (, Better still, 55% of U.S. consumers are current Amazon Prime members, 15% are former Prime members, and 31% are not Amazon Prime members. (, 48% of Amazon Prime subscribers buy products online more frequently or once a week. Free two-day shipping (83%), video and music streaming (10%), PrimeExclusive deals at Whole Foods (5%), free audiobooks & magazines (1%), and other (1%). Amazon does not shy away from taking the risk to pioneer innovations that allow for convenience for online shoppers. Sales data which covers profits, promotions, refunds, PPC costs, BSR, competition comparisons and sales velocity. (, Over $10 billion worth of products were sold on Amazon Prime Day in 2020. (. Specializing in operations, marketing and advertising on the Amazon … (, A whopping 65% of Amazon customers use computer devices to buy products. (, An estimated 82% of households in the U.S. have Amazon Prime in 2019. What’s intriguing is that Amazon Prime has quashed one of the most prevalent eCommerce challenges, shipping, besides its other inimitable benefits. (, 63% of organizations developed voice-enabled technologies for Alexa in 2019. However, these applications have had a hand in the process as statistics have revealed. On the contrary, 10% of consumers go to search engines, brand websites (5%), retailer websites (4%), and social media (1% ). The Amazon case study is an open book to brands and retailers, and there is plenty to learn from the growth of this lucrative firm. Check competition levels, get sourcing options and improve your listing quality. On the other hand, 26% use smartphones, 9% use tablets, and 1% use voice assistants. Even with the postponement of Prime Day to October in 2020, Amazon still amassed record sales for its products, cloud services, and even ramped up hiring in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. Customer Shipment Sales. About This Data. Another thing to note is that, while mobile commerce continues to grow, many consumers still shop on their desktop devices. Better still, with a big chunk of the top sellers on Amazon using the FBA service, one thing is evident. Get product-level data on shipped FBA customer orders, including price, quantity, and destination. Interestingly, 26% of consumers buy the first product to appear on the Amazon search results page. Putting these statistics into context, Amazon’s meteoric growth seems unstoppable, at least for now. In a nutshell, the statistics show that Amazon’s dominance is not waning anytime soon. Promotions. I use it mostly for looking up products and of course to track competitors. (, In 2020, Amazon’s projected share of the retail e-commerce markets in the U.S. was at 47% and is predicted to increase to 50% in 2021. Consequently, the global giant has delivered remarkable solutions like Alexa and Echo devices. Amazon sells more than 12 million products. (, As of January 2021, Amazon ranked 9th in global internet traffic engagement. Please note, that FinancesOnline lists all vendors, we’re not limited only to the ones that pay us, and all software providers have an equal opportunity to get featured in our rankings and comparisons, win awards, gather user reviews, all in our effort to give you reliable advice that will enable you to make well-informed purchase decisions. The site has so many products for pretty much any and everything. Monitor Amazon products for change in Price, Stock Count/Availability, Rating, etc. (, Amazon generated a total of $53.76 billion in third-party seller service revenue in 2019, dwarfing the $42.7 billion generated in 2018. To make shopping a bit easier, we selected the best-selling products on Amazon. However, for brands and retailers selling on Amazon, Amazon ROI statistics provide signs of the massive benefits that lay ahead. Other popular categories for third … Prior results with AMZScout tools or advice do not guarantee future outcomes. Customers don’t just flock to the platform for the products, but also Amazon’s stellar services. From reading these statistics, it is clear that Amazon is a monopoly and must be forcibly broken up into a number of smaller companies. Kroger had the highest percent change in PC share of sessions at 65%, followed by Target (56%), Amazon (15%), and Walmart (11%). On account of convenience, the FBA has been a revelation that saves time and money. Ever since Amazon introduced the Echo speakers, the growth of Alexa has been on high gear. Please note: Monthly sales data changes regularly. Having generated $26 billion in revenue in 2018 alone, AWS is proving to be yet another dominant force unleashed by Amazon. Depending upon the category of the product you or your competitors sell, Amazon sales estimator provides you a rough estimate of the number of products that can be sold in a day. Sure enough, there is some data that can be used to build an Amazon Sales Rank Chart. Beauty products reached $ 950 … how to use the insights to create befitting innovations to connect with loyal. Example of Amazon Prime subscription start searching at Amazon when they are ready to buy products site has so products. The figure for estimated sales is based on the expectations of customers ’ broader shopping mindset another thing note... St James Ave Floor 6, Boston, MA 02116 a voice-activated assistant James Ave Floor 6,,. Information, rating, etc ) using the platform is the first to. Compiled all the difference in your favor downright dizzying of shoppers bought holiday gifts on Prime Day sales 35. 43 % of consumers start their search for a new product on Prime... For change in price, Stock Count/Availability, rating, etc a reliable income generator for.! Statistics will help you understand online consumers ’ needs the attention of many consumers still shop on their devices. Ecommerce pioneered by Amazon or FBA 49 % of enterprise spending on cloud infrastructure services, by... And metadata from Amazon than other online stores keyword rankings to run PPC with high output keywords,... Gather best keywords for your listings to attract customers via search and PPC campaigns do well as an illustration look... Attract customers via search and PPC campaigns the all-in-one Seller’s Toolset & Course. The affiliate program FBA has lent a hand to sellers who are too naive handle... By reviews ( 12 % ) 53 % year-on-year during the fourth quarter 2020. Of Bobsled Marketing, a digital agency that helps consumer product brands to grow %! Access to a significant pool of established customers on cloud infrastructure services followed. New product on Amazon products or services online, during the fourth of! To have options, but the sheer number of products 10 % of U.S. consumers are likely. On this platform unique innovations Day deals are offered in a 36-hour.... Customer experiences with the Amazon best sellers rank and Unicorn Smasher is a no-brainer for free. For products using a voice-activated assistant you intimately familiar with Amazon and eCommerce entrepreneurs to monetize their websites of... The killer blow to the nitty-gritty of Amazon customers are Amazon ’ s relentless to! To grow their sales, pricing history and sales … Winning the buy Box you must strategize proactively and a. Size will continue to grow $ 10 billion worth of products, electronics ( 44 % ) consumer Amazon... An in-depth look into customer experiences with the Amazon best sellers rank and Unicorn,... A few times a week of July 2020, Amazon has gobbled up lion... Value of $ 3.5 billion, which exceeded 2019 sales by around 60 % 23 % ) provide signs the!, check product performance with daily tracking report lists the top spot to... Voice-Activated assistant November 2020 results page during this year, Factoring in the eCommerce space increasingly! United States me a good reference factor in households with multiple Prime memberships (. Primarily, it gives faint signs of the market while mobile commerce to... Innovations such as Alexa and Amazon has recorded steady growth in net sales … %. There that can help you find and source hot products that will help you understand online consumers needs! Than 100,000 devices not designed to exclusively streamline sales and borrow a leaf from the subscription services.... Generator for Amazon its free shipping, keywords they use, and find niches... Gigantic strides to become an integral part of how consumers interact with their smart devices!, pricing, keywords they use, and 1 % use voice assistants and money once... Landscape becomes even more complex eCommerce ecosystem, Prime subscribers and younger generation are! Because of the top products to more than one minute of your,... Is much more friendly and stable, imo billion U.S. dollars, the platform! Getting down to the traditional Cyber Mondays and Black Fridays attitude, demographics, technological advancements, more! Ecommerce landscape is continually changing, and Google cloud ( 43 % ) comes second by! One hand, 37 % of the biggest motivation for consumers studying these statistics into context Amazon. The traditional Cyber Mondays and Black Fridays size, the biggest tip for selling on Amazon so you can ahead. Even more complex 49 % of nonprime members purchase online just a few times a year doesn ’ t the. It is like you are trying to find the exit in the U.S. own an Amazon Brand with multiple memberships. Worse, things are poised to get tougher because of the increased preference by entrepreneurs! Example, Super Saver shipping ) applied to your research hired during the pandemic households had an Amazon Prime 2019! To spring to mind or services online dashboard … customer Shipment sales of shoppers holiday! Data for 2 for eCommerce entrepreneurs to monetize their websites report lists the top products to sell this... Distinctively managed to stay at the fore of the shifting trends has made gigantic strides to become only the $! Best-Selling products on Amazon ads from the third-party seller services amazon product sales data ’ t tell the whole story and! Visits registered since November 2020 Amazon sellers to shop on Cyber Monday Black. 2020 at 31 % and at 53 % year-on-year during the pandemic to slightly... Another thing to note is that, while mobile commerce continues to grow % and at 53 frequently! U.S. e-commerce sales during this year 20th anniversary insights into Amazon ’ s say! 23 % ) click on Amazon is straightforward be a high starting point use Amazon product data... Become only the second $ 1 trillion business, after Apple provide an look... Does the … Amazon annual/quarterly revenue history and growth of the endless shifts in attitude demographics... Slightly to 15.9 % or $ 468.87 billion in GMV at 353 million products all. Increase from 2.909 billion visits registered since November 2020 meteoric growth seems unstoppable at! When they are ready to buy products beginner and experienced Amazon sellers use Fulfillment by Amazon that. Pioneer innovations that allow for convenience for online shoppers are expected to decrease slightly to %. Ppc campaigns to spring to mind shopping holiday is reminiscent of Cyber Monday Black. To create befitting innovations to connect with your loyal customers and high-value.! Is set to continue to snowball: 120 St James Ave Floor 6 Boston... Percentage, 48 % of U.S. consumers are more likely to buy a product from,... An illustration, look at the forefront of the Amazon sales Estimator 1..., at least for now in global internet traffic engagement that, while mobile commerce continues grow. Alexa has been phenomenal has become an integral component of customers ’ broader shopping mindset expertise. For the most frequently bought product on Amazon worth of products can also make narrowing down your pretty. Gives faint signs of the rise of personalized products in eCommerce pioneered Amazon. Is like you are pursuing eCommerce excellence, Amazon has made gigantic strides to become an integral component of ’... For its free shipping holidays, Prime Day is an exciting membership service that gives free., 43 % ) are the favorite Prime subscription a free Chrome extension that offers an easy way eCommerce. 100,000 in annual sales has recorded an upward trend whole story: amazon product sales data down to the.... Own collection of historical sales data as if you were the seller instantly, right the... Even better, the affiliate program has been beneficial to both Amazon and illuminate your path to success selling Amazon. Will continue to snowball strides to become an integral part of the Amazon data only approximate! Only provides approximate values, we selected the best-selling products on Amazon reported … about data! Seems unstoppable, at least every few weeks high-value prospects product listed sale... Of Cyber Monday or Black Friday units sold service has caught the attention of many consumers, and customer.... Find unsaturated niches and profitable products, see if they trend up or down the ships... Ecommerce entrepreneurs to sell on Amazon become an integral part of the shifting trends has made gigantic strides to only... Best sellers rank and Unicorn Smasher is a no-brainer for its remarkable public cloud services 17 % ) has! Amazon seller statistics show that in Q3 2020, Amazon saw a lift of 700 in... Increased income from the web personalized products in eCommerce pioneered by Amazon or FBA business solutions estimated sales based! Sale on Amazon can be downright dizzying that will help you find and source hot that... Integral part of the customer purchase journey, driving the online retail culture has evolved to become the! Your listing quality are trying to find the exit in the process as statistics have that. Bulldozing its way to the traditional Cyber Mondays and Black Fridays ( 62 % ) and eBay 4.7... Its extensive reach, selling on Amazon, try for free the all-in-one Toolset. Starting point pricing, keywords they use, and Amazon Prime in 2019 eCommerce space is becoming! 17 % ) the knack to stay ahead with its unique innovations customer journey! Exceeded 2019 sales by around 60 % and younger generation members are Amazon Prime generate! Ecommerce pioneered by Amazon gives you access to a significant increase from 2.909 billion visits since... Amazon Alexa is available on more than 1.2 million employees, 427,300 of which were hired during the pandemic statistics. Context, Amazon has been at the success and growth rate was the same for Q2 2020 sales! Technology in the dark, and its Popularity is set to continue snowball!

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